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Hi Everyone alot of people are wondering where to buy this new /old superfood that is great for so many things. Like constipation, healthy heart and mind, reduce cholesterol, increase endurance, healthy weight loss the list goes on. To find out more about this great source of Omega 3 and 6 please visit . With prices starting from just £3.50 for 250 grammes plus postage. Take a look now and get that Christmas Chia now!!!

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Dosage for chia seeds by

Dosage for chia seeds

The Dosage for chia seeds,

 is basically up to the individual and what their goals are and what their current state of health is.

 The dosage of salba seeds for a person with low blood pressure would have to be approved by a Doctor and informing them that they wish  to try chia seeds. This is because salba seeds and chia seeds can lower blood pressure even further over a period of time if taken regular. You should only take this if you have low blood pressure after you consult your Doctor as blood pressure can drop too low which is a very dangerous condition. If they are given permission to start taking chia seeds the dosage taken should be about 1 tea spoon full and slowly increased over a longer period of time, but only  after conferring with their Doctor.

Dosage for chia seeds of people with high blood pressure

These are another group of people who should seek medical advice before commencing any dosage of chia seeds in their diet,  even a small reduction in blood pressure can make a big difference to your health and well being. In a study carried out recently the results showed that if you lower your Diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number) by just 6mm/Hg it can reduce deaths from Heart Attacks by 14% and strokes by a massive 42%!!!  For some people a little more exercise and a lower their salt intake, combined with a high fibre diet (CHIA SEEDS) will do the business. It would be best to  start after speaking with an expert on 1 teaspoon full a day and slowly build it up over several months with close consultation with your Doctor to 1 table spoon full per day. Then increase it again  if this is improving your blood pressure up to a max of 2 table spoon full’s a day (only with permission of your GP)

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chia seeds for constipation by

Chia seeds for constipation

Chia seeds for constipation an abstract from the full article

Chia seeds do “Help with constipation”. There is sometimes a medical reason for this problem but most often constipation is in fact due to unhealthy eating habits. If you do suffer this, first  increase your consumption of fibre. Although there are a number of laxatives on the market they work by increasing  bowel movements and encouraging softer more bulkier stools, but they never address the real problem,” lack of fibre in your diet”.  You can become dependent on laxatives because the more you use the less the body has to do for itself and the bowel starts to lose tone and muscle action causing it not to function properly or at all and you need to use them more just to go and around again getting worse and worse!! Another problem with laxatives is they empty your bowel before any goodness can be absorbed by the gut.

Herbal laxatives are a much  more natural and gentle approach. Herbal laxatives  “butternut, psyllium and blue flag” are among the best type. These create healthy bowel movements and  help tone the bowel to encourage its natural function. These laxatives can be taken in small doses whilst you are getting  chia seeds  added to your diet and you will not have many more problems with lack of bowel movements I can assure you…

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Can Chia seeds cure a Hangover ? by

Could chia seeds cure a hangover?.

 Well I think this could possibly work if you look at how and why hangovers occur. The best cures need to rectify the problems caused by excessive alcohol consumption and they are primarily dehydration, loss of vitamins A & C from the body and the toxins absorbed by the drink itself.

Does this look familiar? Give chia seeds a try now!!!

I will tell you about my experience with chia seeds as a cure for hangovers.  A couple of weeks ago It was at my 40th birthday party and people were buying me drinks all night. I was in quite astate of intoxication and had drunk all different manner  of alcoholic cocktails  by the time I eventually arrived home. The next day I would expect to be ill as usual, bad head and feeling sickly. 

But this night, before I went out I made myself a two table-spoon full of chia seed gel ( this is when chia seeds or salba seeds are mixed with water and are left to absorb the water for at least 20 mins.) I mix these two table spoons full of chia with three-quarters of a pint of water.

I drank this before I went out and the next day when I awoke from my slumber expecting a really rough day I was pleasantly surprised that I had little or no ill effects from the session the night before.

I think this is  due to the chia seeds being renowned for keeping endurance runners hydrated over long periods of time. (Just what is required after the dehydration of drinking alcohol to excess). Chia  seeds fluid retention ensures electrolyte dispersion across cell membranes, maintains fluid balances, and aids normal cellular function.
(I was thinking could this be the same for drinking alcohol?) could the chia seeds really keep me from having a bad head and quite  literally losing  a day suffering from a hangover ?

This brings us onto the last problem of causes of hangovers toxins. Chia seeds also have this covered too stay healthy with nature’s anti-oxidant powerhouse. Chia seeds have more anti-oxidants than Blueberries, these help the body recover and get rid of unwanted toxins.

Conclusion I will give this another go this weekend and let you know how I come on.(The things you have to do for This is looking promising though. Take care. Come back soon.

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Buying salba seeds in the uk.

Salba seeds in the uk

 are difficult to buy as most of the seeds come from America or Australia. The postage costs are expensive and the delivery times are sometimes a bit much to be desired. have a good reputation with its customers for promt delivery of top quality organic chia seeds in the UK.

Most prices on the web start at £10/pound plus delivery and go upto as much as £35/pound plus delivery.

We on the other hand charge £10 PLUS £4.50 FOR 500 GRAMMES DELIVERED TO THE UK.

Buying salba seed uk from is a simple process just click on one of the links and you will be taken to our site where their is a good range of very informative material about chia seeeds including :-

Chia seeds lower cholesterol

Weight loss with chia seeds

Endurance runners using chia seeds

Nutritional values of chia seeds

Chia 4 pets

Even a recipe page where you can submit a favorite recipe for others to share.

 Take a look at our siteevenfor infomation and tell us whatyou think and how we can improve the site for you.

Thankyou for looking by.

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Salba seeds uk vs chia seeds by

Salba seeds  uk /chia seeds else where

 Salba seeds uk and chia seeds

are the same thing. (Though White chia seeds are said to be slightly better than black chia seeds) And Salba is a trademark and is patented. See what Dr Coates ( who has done extensive research into chia and co-authored a book called Chia: Rediscovering a Forgotten Crop of the Aztecs).  has to say about this below…

In one interview, Dr. Coates was asked to give his opinion on Salba seeds and he said: “It’s a joke. Salba is just the white chia seeds” But Salba has been patented!!!.
The scientific name for Salba seeds uk /chia seeds is Salvia hispanica. Most people call it chia seed or “running food”. “Running food” because  the Aztecs messengers  used to eat it  before they had to carry a message great distances over undulating terrain, the messenger would also carry a small pouch of salba seeds uk / chia seeds with them to refuel  for the journey. Salba seeds in the Uk are just starting to be recognised and asked about but many people dont know that chia seeds and salba seeds uk are one and the same, with all the health benefits of salba seeds. They are as follows :-

8 x more Omega 3 than Salmon. Also omega 6 in the right proportions for the body to absorb.

30% more Antioxidants than Blueberries.
6 x more Calcium than Whole Milk.
15 x more Magnesium than Broccoli.
25% more fibre than Flax seeds.
3 x more Iron than Spinich.

I myself have been taking these seeds for a short while now and I did have a niggling shoulder injury which would cause me pain when I tried to do weight training. But I dont know if its a coincidence or not but my shoulder is giving me no problems at all even when weight training. Salba seeds uk / chia seeds have  anti inflammatory properties, this must be what has help me…

Doctor Sherrill Sellman the prominent Naturopathichas doctor  wrote a book called The Return of the Ancient Seed, Dr Sellman explains how we can help make up for deficiencies in the typical American (western hemisphere) diets by eating natural whole foods, such as the new/old  superfood Salba seeds uk / Chia seeds. This is a very good book..

Salba seeds uk / chia seeds 

has the highest known source of omega-3 fatty acids found anywhere in nature. It contains a perfect 1:4 ratio of omega-3s to omega-6s. The perfect ratio is required to maximise healthy living by :- regulating heart beats, blood pressure,  fertility, immune support, and reduction of inflammation (salba seeds uk / chia seeds have a great anti inflammatory built into them). Inflammation is now understood to have a big part in chronic illnesses, including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease. Inflammation is also a main factor in alot female hormonal problems such as :- endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, PMS, fibroids, and fibrocystic breasts.  Eating a high omega-3 fatty acids diets reduce the risk of breast cancer. Salba seeds also has the highest fiber content of any food; insoluble fiber is important for hormone balance.

 Salba seeds in the uk

 have a lot of catching up to America or Austrailia but we will get their withmore awareness. Salba seeds uk / chia seeeds are a high source of vitimins. People are generally deficient in vitamin D. This vitamin, is important for the  immune system,  cancer prevention, preventing depression, and even preventing Alzheimer’s. So as you can see Salba seeds uk / chia seeds are here to stay.

Due to the encouraging results from tests and ongoing promising research, the whole grain Salba seeds uk / chia seeds, originated with  the Aztecs, may be the modern weapon in the battle against diabetes, heart disease and an aid to lower cholesterol and weightloss.

My advise is go out and get some. Try them for a month then send in your experiences to this

Only £10/pound plus p+p

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Endurance Runners using Chia Seeds by chia4uk



Endurance runners using chia seeds have realised what a great  little seeds this really is. It has so many nutrients important for muscle repair, stamina and build qualities. When you incorporate chia seeds into your diet it can help give you the cutting edge that isall important both in and out of season.

By keeping Hydrated

Endurance runners using chia seeds to stay hydrated longer. Through its ability to form a gel when mixed with water or other liquid, it can hold upto 9 times its own weight in water. This is like a water reservoir in your stomach what is slowly released as the gel is absorbed by the body, helping the athlete to stay hydrated that much longer and giving that edge on the completion or training session. The Aztec runners used to keep a small pouch of Chia seeds with them when running messages or war parties.

Stamina Building

Endurance runners using chia seeds found the seeds ability to increase ones stamina through the gel forming a barrier between the ingested  Carbohydrates  and the enzymes in the stomach. Thus the Carbs are slowly absorbed into the bloodstream, having the effect of releasing energy over a longer period of time aiding to the stamina of the athlete.

Aiding Muscle repair

Many endurance runners using chia seeds found that through taking the super food regularly in their diet, that the high protein content of the seeds possibly aided them in the recovery of small muscle tears. This is because the protein in chia seeds is in a easily accessible form  and is easily utilised by the body.

The Tarahumara barefoot runners   

The Tarahumara barefoot runners are legendary: The entire tribe are barefoot runners, from infants to 80+ year olds, Male and female, they run hundreds of miles sometimes  without rest, from dawn till dusk.. It seems like a story too farfetched too be true; but it’s true. And chia seeds are the fuel for these incredible barefoot  extreme endurance runners.


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