Chia seeds lower cholesterol Introduction.

Hi everyone this is my first blog on the subject of Chia seeds the “Running fuel “ of  the Aztecs and other Indiginous people of the Americas before the spanish arrived. 

I have studied human biology for part of  my college course so understand a little of how the body functions. Healing with chia seeds seem to be buzz words at the moment and I would like to share some of the information I have found out about these tiny little Omega 3 Rich seeds( the highest source of omega3 in the natural world).

Their are many endurance runners using chia seeds also to assist with hydration of their bodies when doing endurance events (this is because Chia seeds hydrate upto 9 times thier own weight in water or most other juices)

Please take a look at my current topic “Chia seeds lower cholesterol”

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