Buying salba seeds in the uk.

Salba seeds in the uk

 are difficult to buy as most of the seeds come from America or Australia. The postage costs are expensive and the delivery times are sometimes a bit much to be desired. have a good reputation with its customers for promt delivery of top quality organic chia seeds in the UK.

Most prices on the web start at £10/pound plus delivery and go upto as much as £35/pound plus delivery.

We on the other hand charge £10 PLUS £4.50 FOR 500 GRAMMES DELIVERED TO THE UK.

Buying salba seed uk from is a simple process just click on one of the links and you will be taken to our site where their is a good range of very informative material about chia seeeds including :-

Chia seeds lower cholesterol

Weight loss with chia seeds

Endurance runners using chia seeds

Nutritional values of chia seeds

Chia 4 pets

Even a recipe page where you can submit a favorite recipe for others to share.

 Take a look at our siteevenfor infomation and tell us whatyou think and how we can improve the site for you.

Thankyou for looking by.

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