Can Chia seeds cure a Hangover ? by

Could chia seeds cure a hangover?.

 Well I think this could possibly work if you look at how and why hangovers occur. The best cures need to rectify the problems caused by excessive alcohol consumption and they are primarily dehydration, loss of vitamins A & C from the body and the toxins absorbed by the drink itself.

Does this look familiar? Give chia seeds a try now!!!

I will tell you about my experience with chia seeds as a cure for hangovers.  A couple of weeks ago It was at my 40th birthday party and people were buying me drinks all night. I was in quite astate of intoxication and had drunk all different manner  of alcoholic cocktails  by the time I eventually arrived home. The next day I would expect to be ill as usual, bad head and feeling sickly. 

But this night, before I went out I made myself a two table-spoon full of chia seed gel ( this is when chia seeds or salba seeds are mixed with water and are left to absorb the water for at least 20 mins.) I mix these two table spoons full of chia with three-quarters of a pint of water.

I drank this before I went out and the next day when I awoke from my slumber expecting a really rough day I was pleasantly surprised that I had little or no ill effects from the session the night before.

I think this is  due to the chia seeds being renowned for keeping endurance runners hydrated over long periods of time. (Just what is required after the dehydration of drinking alcohol to excess). Chia  seeds fluid retention ensures electrolyte dispersion across cell membranes, maintains fluid balances, and aids normal cellular function.
(I was thinking could this be the same for drinking alcohol?) could the chia seeds really keep me from having a bad head and quite  literally losing  a day suffering from a hangover ?

This brings us onto the last problem of causes of hangovers toxins. Chia seeds also have this covered too stay healthy with nature’s anti-oxidant powerhouse. Chia seeds have more anti-oxidants than Blueberries, these help the body recover and get rid of unwanted toxins.

Conclusion I will give this another go this weekend and let you know how I come on.(The things you have to do for This is looking promising though. Take care. Come back soon.

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