Endurance Runners using Chia Seeds by chia4uk



Endurance runners using chia seeds have realised what a great  little seeds this really is. It has so many nutrients important for muscle repair, stamina and build qualities. When you incorporate chia seeds into your diet it can help give you the cutting edge that isall important both in and out of season.

By keeping Hydrated

Endurance runners using chia seeds to stay hydrated longer. Through its ability to form a gel when mixed with water or other liquid, it can hold upto 9 times its own weight in water. This is like a water reservoir in your stomach what is slowly released as the gel is absorbed by the body, helping the athlete to stay hydrated that much longer and giving that edge on the completion or training session. The Aztec runners used to keep a small pouch of Chia seeds with them when running messages or war parties.

Stamina Building

Endurance runners using chia seeds found the seeds ability to increase ones stamina through the gel forming a barrier between the ingested  Carbohydrates  and the enzymes in the stomach. Thus the Carbs are slowly absorbed into the bloodstream, having the effect of releasing energy over a longer period of time aiding to the stamina of the athlete.

Aiding Muscle repair

Many endurance runners using chia seeds found that through taking the super food regularly in their diet, that the high protein content of the seeds possibly aided them in the recovery of small muscle tears. This is because the protein in chia seeds is in a easily accessible form  and is easily utilised by the body.

The Tarahumara barefoot runners   

The Tarahumara barefoot runners are legendary: The entire tribe are barefoot runners, from infants to 80+ year olds, Male and female, they run hundreds of miles sometimes  without rest, from dawn till dusk.. It seems like a story too farfetched too be true; but it’s true. And chia seeds are the fuel for these incredible barefoot  extreme endurance runners.


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