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Chia seeds for constipation

Chia seeds for constipation an abstract from the full article

Chia seeds do “Help with constipation”. There is sometimes a medical reason for this problem but most often constipation is in fact due to unhealthy eating habits. If you do suffer this, first  increase your consumption of fibre. Although there are a number of laxatives on the market they work by increasing  bowel movements and encouraging softer more bulkier stools, but they never address the real problem,” lack of fibre in your diet”.  You can become dependent on laxatives because the more you use the less the body has to do for itself and the bowel starts to lose tone and muscle action causing it not to function properly or at all and you need to use them more just to go and around again getting worse and worse!! Another problem with laxatives is they empty your bowel before any goodness can be absorbed by the gut.

Herbal laxatives are a much  more natural and gentle approach. Herbal laxatives  “butternut, psyllium and blue flag” are among the best type. These create healthy bowel movements and  help tone the bowel to encourage its natural function. These laxatives can be taken in small doses whilst you are getting  chia seeds  added to your diet and you will not have many more problems with lack of bowel movements I can assure you…

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