Chia seeds lower cholesterol

 Chia seeds lower choleserol in  the following 5 ways

  • Chia seeds lower cholesterol with the use of  gel ( this gel is made by adding a table spoon full of Chia seeds to a small glass of water and mixing. Leave for 15 mins stiring ocasionally when you go back it will be a gel) as it is  90% soluble fiber, which is beneficial for your digestive track. When this  insoluble fiber takes up space in your stomach, you’re more likely to feel full for longer and thus not eat as much at meal time. Losing excess weight is another key way that  chia seeds lower cholesterol, also need some pro-active cholesterol cleaners chia seeds are just that cleaner. They are referred  to as  “Roughage” and acts as a sweeper and cleans out the Bowels.
  • Chia seeds lower cholesterol using fatty acids these are important for cell respiration (oxygen transported into cells), the lubrication and resilience of cells. There’s an especially important fatty acids that your body can’t make. It’s called “Linoleic”. You usually get this from raw plant-source foods, but these days  most people don’t get enough of them. However  Chia Seeds are  rich in this important nutrient so you won’t have to worry about it. How are these important for your cholesterol? They combine with cholesterol in the body to form membranes that hold cells together. It puts cholesterol to good use, but only if you have enough of “Linoleic” to make the combination.
  • Chia seeds lower cholesterol by the use of Long-Chain Triglycerides which the body uses to clean the Artery walls of  Cholesterol if eaten in the right amounts. Chia seeds have all these necessary Long Chain  Triglycerides and in the right proportions to assist your body in this process to lower cholesterol with the use of chia seeds.
  • Chia seeds lower cholesterol by reducing the risks associated with high cholesterol levels, but there are  some risks that can’t be changed like hereditary high cholesterol levels. But what chia seeds can help you with is blood sugar levels and obesity. Chia seeds help by taking control of the blood sugar levels and  only slowly transforming Carbohydrates  into sugar.
  • A lot of people like  healing with chia seeds because chia seeds are easy to use and can be added to any foodstuff solid or liquid from water to juice. Any age group would benefit from including this super food to their diet. If you are using it for physical demanding sports, adding nutrition, helping to control sugar levels or weight, helping lower cholesterol levels(chia seeds lower cholesterol) and blood pressure these seeds have helped people all over the world do just that and more!!! Remember this is only a seed, no artificial colours, preservatives just as nature intended and how the Indigenous  People  had used this to their advantage for hundreds of years before Columbus went to the Americas and the cost is negligible (APPROX 45p per daily serving of 20g).A cheap price to pay for all the positive effects these chia seeds could have on your life!!! This is how chia seeds lower cholestorol in your body.         
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