Salba seeds uk vs chia seeds by

Salba seeds  uk /chia seeds else where

 Salba seeds uk and chia seeds

are the same thing. (Though White chia seeds are said to be slightly better than black chia seeds) And Salba is a trademark and is patented. See what Dr Coates ( who has done extensive research into chia and co-authored a book called Chia: Rediscovering a Forgotten Crop of the Aztecs).  has to say about this below…

In one interview, Dr. Coates was asked to give his opinion on Salba seeds and he said: “It’s a joke. Salba is just the white chia seeds” But Salba has been patented!!!.
The scientific name for Salba seeds uk /chia seeds is Salvia hispanica. Most people call it chia seed or “running food”. “Running food” because  the Aztecs messengers  used to eat it  before they had to carry a message great distances over undulating terrain, the messenger would also carry a small pouch of salba seeds uk / chia seeds with them to refuel  for the journey. Salba seeds in the Uk are just starting to be recognised and asked about but many people dont know that chia seeds and salba seeds uk are one and the same, with all the health benefits of salba seeds. They are as follows :-

8 x more Omega 3 than Salmon. Also omega 6 in the right proportions for the body to absorb.

30% more Antioxidants than Blueberries.
6 x more Calcium than Whole Milk.
15 x more Magnesium than Broccoli.
25% more fibre than Flax seeds.
3 x more Iron than Spinich.

I myself have been taking these seeds for a short while now and I did have a niggling shoulder injury which would cause me pain when I tried to do weight training. But I dont know if its a coincidence or not but my shoulder is giving me no problems at all even when weight training. Salba seeds uk / chia seeds have  anti inflammatory properties, this must be what has help me…

Doctor Sherrill Sellman the prominent Naturopathichas doctor  wrote a book called The Return of the Ancient Seed, Dr Sellman explains how we can help make up for deficiencies in the typical American (western hemisphere) diets by eating natural whole foods, such as the new/old  superfood Salba seeds uk / Chia seeds. This is a very good book..

Salba seeds uk / chia seeds 

has the highest known source of omega-3 fatty acids found anywhere in nature. It contains a perfect 1:4 ratio of omega-3s to omega-6s. The perfect ratio is required to maximise healthy living by :- regulating heart beats, blood pressure,  fertility, immune support, and reduction of inflammation (salba seeds uk / chia seeds have a great anti inflammatory built into them). Inflammation is now understood to have a big part in chronic illnesses, including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease. Inflammation is also a main factor in alot female hormonal problems such as :- endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, PMS, fibroids, and fibrocystic breasts.  Eating a high omega-3 fatty acids diets reduce the risk of breast cancer. Salba seeds also has the highest fiber content of any food; insoluble fiber is important for hormone balance.

 Salba seeds in the uk

 have a lot of catching up to America or Austrailia but we will get their withmore awareness. Salba seeds uk / chia seeeds are a high source of vitimins. People are generally deficient in vitamin D. This vitamin, is important for the  immune system,  cancer prevention, preventing depression, and even preventing Alzheimer’s. So as you can see Salba seeds uk / chia seeds are here to stay.

Due to the encouraging results from tests and ongoing promising research, the whole grain Salba seeds uk / chia seeds, originated with  the Aztecs, may be the modern weapon in the battle against diabetes, heart disease and an aid to lower cholesterol and weightloss.

My advise is go out and get some. Try them for a month then send in your experiences to this

Only £10/pound plus p+p

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